Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday's Forgotten Books, January 19, 2018

Les Blatt, THE SUNKEN SAILOR, Patricia Moyes
Brian Busby, The Work of Richard Rohmer
Martin Edwards, CLOSE QUARTERS, Michael Gilbert
Richard Horton, THE WINDS OF GATH, E.C. Tubb, CRISIS ON CHEVRON, Juanita Coulson
Jerry House, THE BEETLE HORDE, Victor Rousseau
George Kelley, THE AMERICAN FANTASY TRADITION, ed. Brian M. Thomsen
B.V. Lawson, A GENTLEMAN CALLED, Dorothy Salisbury Davis
Evan Lewis, NEVER SAY NO TO A KILLER, Clifton Adams
Steve Lewis, OF ALL SAD WORDS, Bill Crider
Todd Mason, HEAVEN AND HELL edited by Joan D. Berbrich, SUPERFICTION, OR THE AMERICAN STORY TRANSFORMED edited by Joe David Bellamy 
J.F. Norris, HEART TO HEART, Boileau and Narcejac
Matt Paust, WITHOUT A WORD, Carol Lea Benjamin
Reactions to Reading, WHEN TIME RUNS OUT, Elina Hiroven
James Reasoner, THE DEAD STAND-IN, Frank Kane
TomCat, The Roger Scarlett Mysteries, THE MAN IN THE MOONLIGHT, Helen McCloy
TracyK, GREY MASK, Patricia Wentworth

Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Things are going to be wonky on here because we forgot the stuff to hook up my computer and this is Phil's.

Anyway we watched this on TCM and I have to say it was not as good as I remembered. Harrison leaves me cold. Why waste your whole life waiting to be reunited with him?.

A very depressing movie about a widow( who didn't even much love her husband) who takes up residence in the house of a dead sea captain and becomes infatuated with him (or his ghost) to the point, she has no life. This must have been a cheap movie to film because she rarely leaves the room with his telescope poised toward the sea.

Their reunion after death did not make things right.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Things That Are Making Me Happy

A book I will talk about later called THE CIRCUMSTANTIAL MAN by Gary Reilly
That our condo is better than expected
That Phil survived an escalator mishap I have been dreading all my life.
And what about you?

Friday, January 12, 2018


So many of the bloggers/friends who helped me publicize my first two books are gone now for one reason or another. So very sad that its only been 2 1/2 years. So if anyone who comes along and reads this has a blog where I can talk about the book I would really appreciate it. A review, an interview, whatever makes sense and you are comfortable with. The book comes out in early March. 


"Patricia Abbott's collection of stories are just electric and utterly amazing. The short story form is perhaps the most difficult to achieve artistry in, and in I BRING SORROW, Patricia Abbott joins the very select few like, Frank O Connor, Raymond Carver, De Maupassant, and Dahl who have not only mastered this art but brought something entirely new to the genre. A dark, captivating collection.”
―Ken Bruen, author of the Jack Taylor series

"Patricia Abbott shows a rare and quiet mastery of the form. Any one of the stories in I BRING SORROW is worth the price of admission.”
―Reed Farrel Coleman, New York Times bestselling author of WHAT YOU BREAK

Friday's Forgotten Books, January 12, 2018

Please check with Todd Mason for today's links.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

What Book Cried Out for a Movie and Nothing Has Happened so far?

When I read DEVIL IN THE WHITE CITY I expected to see the screen version within a year or two. And yet, so far, none. I know Scorcese and DiCaprio are supposedly working on a script, but I am not holding my breath. What book did you expect to turn up at your local cinema and it hasn't? Some books get turned into movies multiple times and others, just as good, not at all.

Tuesday, January 09, 2018


David Lean used his wife, Ann Todd,
to great affect in this romance. The passion of Mary's life is Stephen (Trevor Howard) but she marries Howard (Claude Rains), a wealthy businessman who meets some of her needs. Their marriage is more of a contract than a union but both are satisfied until Stephen comes on the scene again. And then again.
It is hard to say why this movie works so well because little happens. It's success is shared by the acting of the three principals. The original novel was by H.G. Wells, hard to imagine that. I thought it was very good if you are in the mood for repressed and expressed longing and not much action.The ending works particularly well.